Miki Town Office Divisions

Miki Town Office

Address: 310 Hikami Miki-Town Kita-Gun Kagawa Pref.
TEL: 087-891-3300(Main)
FAX: 087-898-1994

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General Affairs Division  TEL 891-3301

Administration Section, Finance Section, Public Affairs and Personnel Section, Archive Management Section, Emergency Services and Traffic Section

Planning and Information Division  TEL 891-3302

Planning Section,Tender and Contract Section, Public Informations and Statistics Section, Network Administration Section

Tax Division  TEL 891-3305

Citizen Tax Section, Estate Tax Section, Tax Collection Section

Citizen's Division  TEL 891-3303

Citizen's Section, Lifestyle Section, Parent Support Section, Human rights and Dowa Affairs Section

Health and Welfare Division  TEL 891-3304

Health Section, Welfare Section, Senior Citizens Section, National Health Insurance Section, Long Term Care Insurance Section

Environmental and Conservation Division  TEL 891-3309

Environment and Sanitation Section, Waste Section

Civil Engineering and Construction Division  TEL 891-3307

Construction Section, Management Section, Town Planning Section

Industrial Promotion Division  TEL 891-3308

Agriculture and Forestry Section, Commerce and Tourism Section, Land Improvement Section, Agriculture Commission secretariat (TEL 891-3310)

Waterworks Division  TEL 891-3312

Waterworks Section, Sewage Section

Revenue and Expenditure Division  TEL 891-3306

Revenue and Expenditure Section

General affairs Division, Miki Board of Education  TEL 891-3313

General Affairs Section, School Affairs Section

Further Education Division  TEL 891-3314

Further Education Section, Sports and Recreation Section, Human Rights and Dowa Education Section, Youth Center

Town Assembly Secretariat  TEL 891-3311

Town Assembly Section (Auditor's Office)

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